Getting started with the Preview app.

In 2016, Google gave us the possibility to view apps in Chrome OS.

We were looking for the easiest possible way to preview your apps quick and keeping the plugin FREE.

So, we have created a chrome plugin (sorry firefox & edge users).

So here is how you install it (it is a bit geeky): 

  • First of all, you will need to install APP RUNTIME for chrome :  download here
  • Next, you will need to download our chrome extension 

    -  It is on the chrome store here for all Chrome OS users download here

    -  For everyone else (mac, windows etc) you will have to download the chrome file from our site. download here

  • Click ignore
  • Find the file on your hard disk normally wordapp-mobile-app-preview.crx
  • Go to : chrome://extensions/ (in chrome) & drag the file onto chrome.
  • You are ready to rock.

You will be able to run the app preview plugin to see your app as you are creating it.

  1. Simply click chrome app launcher

 2. Choose the App Preview icon.

 3. Enter your blog URL or pin.

Voilà you are ready to go!

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    I was able to get this App installed in my Chrome browser on OSX... but launching it doesn't seem to give me any options to enter the blog URL or anything... Any tips?

  • 0
    tony gilpin

    I have the same problem and I am on windows 10  can't see anything for entering blog URL

    Help  !!!

  • 0
    Gregory Evans

    Did you every get help?  Do you no how to fix this.


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